The 4D Nucleus: How is Gene Expression Modulated by Intra-Nuclear Location, Genomics Location, Controlling Elements and Time


4:10 p.m. in 1414 Molecular Biology for public seminars.


Tuesday; October 3: Hanhui Ma, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Host: Thomas Peterson, GDCB,

Title:  "Chromatin Structure and Dynamics in Living Cells"

  Publication: CRISPR-Cas9 nuclear dynamics and target recognition in living cells. Ma H et al. J Cell Biol. 2016
  Publication: Dynamic Organization of Chromatin Domains Revealed by Super-Resolution Live-Cell Imaging. Nozaki T et al. Mol Cell. 2017

Small Group meeting is Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. in 3034 Molecular Biology.  Refreshments provided. (5)


Tuesday; Oct 10: Clodagh O'Shea, Molecular and Cell Biology, Salk Institute
Host: Marit Nilsen-Hamilton, BBMB,

Title:  "Cracking the nucleus:  visualizing the higher order coding structures of DNA"

  Publication:  Heterochromatin silencing of p53 target genes by a small viral protein.  Conrado Sonia, Fanny E Estermann, Kristen C. Espantman, Clodagh C. O'Shea.  Nature 466, 1076-1081, 26 August 2010

  Publication:  ChromEMT: Visualizing 3D chromatin structure and compaction in interphase and mitotic cells. Horng D. Ou, Sebastien Phan, Thomas J. Deerinck, Andrea Thor, Mark Ellisman, Clodagh C. O'Shea.  Science 28 July 2017, Vol 357, Issue 6349. 

Other publications for O'Shea's talk could include:  Ou, H., Phan, S., Derrinck, T.J., Thor, A., Ellisman,, M.H. and O'Shea, C.C. (2017) ChromEMT: Visualizing the 3D chromatin structure and compaction of the human genome in interphase and mitotic cells. Science [Cover Article]. 2017 Jul 28:357(6349).     Shah, G. and O’Shea, C.C. (2015) Viral and Cellular Genomes Activate Distinct DNA Damage Responses. Cell, 162 (5), 987-1002.

Small Group meeting is at Noon in 4034 Molecular Biology.    Lunch provided.  (13)


Tuesday; Oct 17: Chao-Ting Wu, Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School.

Host: Kristen Johansen, BBMB,

Title:  "Homology:  Imaging, pairing, and a 300 million year old mystery"

   Publication:  Single-molecule super-resolution imaging of chromosomes and in situ haplotype visualization using Oligopaint FISH probes.  Brian J. Beliveau, Alistair N. Boettiger ....... Chao-ting Wu.  Nature Communications 12 May 2015. 

   Publication:  Abnormal Dosage of Ultraconserved Elements Is Highly Disfavored in Health Cells but Not Cancer Cells.  Ruth B. McCole, Chamith Y. Fonseka, Amnon Koren, Chao-Ting Wu.  PLOS Genetics, October 2014, Vol 10, Issue 10. 

Small Group Meeting at 9:00 a.m. in 1102 Molecular Biology; refreshments provided. (6)


Tuesday; Oct 24: Meng Chen, Department of Botany & Plant Sciences, University of California-Riverside.
Host: Steven Howell, GDCB,

TITLE: "Light-regulated spatial organization of the nucleus in plants."

   Publication:  Light-regulated gene repositioning in Arabidopsis.  Nature Communications. 6 January 2014.  Feng, Qiu, Van Buskirk, Yang, Chen

   Publication:  HEMERA Couples the Proteolysis and Transcriptional Activity of PHYTOCHROME INTERACTING FACTORS in Arabidopsis Photomorphogenesis.  The Plant Cell, Vol. 27:  1409-1427, May 2015.  Qiu, Li, Pasoreck, Long, Shi, Galvao, Chou, Wang, Sun, Zhang, Jiang, Chen.

Small Group Meeting at Noon in 4034 Molecular Biology.  Lunch provided. (9)