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Biological Sciences Interdepartmental Graduate Student Symposium

We are proud to announce that the First Annual Biological Sciences Interdepartmental Graduate Program Symposium will be held on April 26 and 27, 2023. The Symposium will be entitled "Innovation Through Collaboration in the Biological Sciences".  

Please check back often for any updates to the symposium.  

Symposium Committees

Executive Committee

Directors -  Sage Becker and Vishesh Bhatia

Assistant Directors - Anthony Sillman and Muskan Kapoor

Treasurer -  Sigournie Brock

Abstracts/Poster talks organization

  1. Sage Becker – ImBio
  2. Jamison Slate – ImBio
  3. Manuela Chaves – IGG
  4. Karlene Negus – IGG
  5. Ann Murithi – IGG
  6. Michelle Thayer – MCDB
  7. Anh Pham – MCDB
  8. Chelsea Cheng – MCDB
  9. Sabrena Rutledge – BCB
  10. Muskan Kapoor – BCB
  11. Mehak Kapoor – BCB
  12. An Phan - BCB

Content Strategy Team - registration, abstract submission and student talk entries, etc. Align website with the marketing goals

  1. Abbigale McCune - IGG - Lead
  2. Divyanshu Shukla – BCB
  3. Xiaohan Jiang – BCB
  4. Bandana Bhusal – BCB
  5. Ashmita Mainali – MCDB
  6. Anthony Sillman – MCDB
  7. Masuma Khatun Usha – MCDB
  8. Blessing Olabosoye - IGG

PR/Social Media - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, emails, etc (works with other committees as needed)

  1. Prathyusha Cheguri – IGG
  2. Shafayet Ahmed Siddiqui – MCDB
  3. Brian Zebosi – IGG
  4. Bimala Acharya – BCB
  5. Vedika Desai - MCDB

Marketing - plan event publication, SWAG, name tags, etc. within the parameters that ISU sets. (works with other committees as needed)

  1. Thea Gessler – IGG
  2. Ashley Paulsen – IGG
  3. Pradeep BK - BCB
  4. Michael Murphy - IGG

Food and Beverages (works with Content Strategy committee for dietary restrictions, etc., and finance committee to stay within budget)

  1. Carrie Meeks - ImBio
  2. Thea Gessler - IGG

Fundraising/Financial (requests funding from depts, colleges, and companies. Will need to work with all committees to make sure within proposed budget)

  1. Sigournie Brock – BCB
  2. Beulah Samuel – ImBio
  3. Joseph DeTemple – IGG

Facility AV/IT Needs - Photography during events, provides AV needs during event - talk presentations on one computer (works with other committees as needed to make sure all events and needs are covered during the event)

  1. Michael Murphy – IGG
  2. Rudy Calderon - MCDB

BCB Speaker Committee

Sabrena Rutledge
Divyanshu Shukla
Muskan Kapoor
Mehak Kapoor 
An Phan

IGG Speaker Committee

Karlene Negus
Manuela Chaves
Ann Murithi
Vishesh Bhatia
Abbigail McCune
Prathyusha Cheguri

MCDB Speaker committee

Michelle Thayer
Anthony Sillman

ImBio Speaker Committee

Jamison Slate
Sage Becker
Beulah Samuel