Animal Breeding and Genetics

Animal Physiology

  • Associate Professor, Director of the Iowa Pork Industry Center, Lloyd Anderson Endowed Professor in Physiology

Antibiotic persistence in bacterial pathogens

Apiculture;Arthropod Management Technologies


B-cell immunity

Bacterial Microcompartments

Bacterial pathogenesis

Beef Cattle

bio-behavioral factors

Bioactive Carbohydrates


Biochemistry and molecular biology of biotin and biotin-containing enzymes

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

bioinformatic methods for gene and genome sequence analysis.


Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Biological Environments by design

Biomedical Research

Biomedical Sciences

  • Clarence Hartley Covault Distinguished Professor , Dr. E.A. Benbrook Endowed Chair in Pathology and Parasitology


Biosynthetic and regulatory genetic networks of metabolic traits

Biotechnology and Arthropod Management Technologies

Cancer genetics and functional genomics in zebrafish

Cell Biology

Cell Biology at the Plant-Microbe Interface

Cell Signaling • Translational research

  • Clarence Hartley Covault Distinguished Professor Lloyd Endowed Chair and Eminent Scholar in Veterinary Medicine Biomedical Sciences Chair

Chloroplast biogenesis

Companion Species

comparative genomics

Comparative Medical Genetics

Crop Improvement

Dairy Genetics

Deployment of Genetic Disease Resistance Genes in Crop Plants

Developmental and molecular genetics of Drosophila pattern formation

Developmental Biology

Developmental Genetics

Ecophysiology and Genetics; Systems Biology

Evolution and Development

Evolutionary and Ecological Genetics and Genomics

Evolutionary Biology

Evolutionary Genomics

evolutionary quantitative genetics

Field Crops Entomology

Food safety; antibiotic resistance; bacterial pathogenesis; pathogen-host interactions; prevention and control of infectious diseases.

  • Professor, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, Dr. Frank K. Ramsey Endowed Chair

Freshwater Organism Conservation

Gene Editing

Gene function prediction

Genetic regulation of cell determination


Genetics/Genomics Bioinformatics

genome evolution


Genomics and metagenomics

Identification and study of mechanisms for cancer prevention

Identification of gene structures in maize

Insect behavior; Insect Genomics

Insect Molecular Biology and Innate Immunity

Insect Pathology

Insect physiology

interface of fundamental and translational biology

intracellular communication

Invertebrate Biology

kinesin motor proteins

Large Animals

Life-history evolution


Maize genetics

Maize Genomics and Phenotype Prediction

Maize Genomics; Crop Improvement

  • USDA-ARS Research Geneticist, ISU Faculty Affiliate

Materials Chemistry

mechanisms of photosynthesis

Medical Entomology


Microbial Ecology

Microbial Physiology


Microbiome/host interactions

microRNA gene research

Microtubule dynamics and function

Molecular Biology

molecular ecology

Molecular Evolution

molecular mechanisms of virus entry

Molecular Neurotoxicology • Neuroinflammation

  • Clarence Hartley Covault Distinguished Professor Lloyd Endowed Chair and Eminent Scholar in Veterinary Medicine Biomedical Sciences Chair

Molecular Phylogenetics

Molecular Virology

  • Interim Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies and Research Training, Associate Professor

Muscle Physiology



Neuromuscular biology of parasitic worms

Neuromuscular systems of parasitic worms and the identification of molecular targets for new drugs. In particular

Noncoding RNA discovery

Oxidative Stress

Parkinson’s disease • Prion and Alzheimer's diseases

  • Clarence Hartley Covault Distinguished Professor Lloyd Endowed Chair and Eminent Scholar in Veterinary Medicine Biomedical Sciences Chair

Pathogenesis of the secretory system

Pharmacology & Theraputics


placental development

Plant Bacteriology; Microbial Ecology

Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Plant Biology

Plant Breeding

Plant Cell Biology

Plant Cell Wall Structure

Plant Defenses

  • USDA-ARS Research Geneticist, ISU Faculty Affiliate

Plant Developmental Mechanisms

Plant Evolutionary Genomics

Plant Genetics

  • Research Geneticist, USDA-ARS - Affiliate Professor

Plant genome and gene family evolution

Plant Genomics

  • Research Geneticist, USDA-ARS - Affiliate Professor
  • Professor, Pioneer Distinguished Chair in Maize Breeding

Plant responses to environmental stress

  • USDA-ARS Research Geneticist, ISU Faculty Affiliate

Plant Systematics and Evolution

Plant Virology

Plant-Microbe Interactions

Polysaccharide Biosynthesis Modification and Degradation

Population Genetics


Quantitative Genetics

  • Professor, Pioneer Distinguished Chair in Maize Breeding

Regulation of nuclear organization and function

  • Roy J. Carver Chair and Professor of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology

Regulation of plant lipid metabolism

Regulatory networks surrounding cell migration and programmed cell death

Reproductive Physiology

Reproductive Toxicology

research focuses on the structure and function of receptors and ion channels.

RNA structure

RNA structure and function

Scholarship of teaching and learning

Soybean breeding and genetics

soybean functional genomics

Statistical Phylogenetics

Stress Tolerance in Plants


Swine Genetics

Systems Biology

Systems Biology and Evolution

transcriptional regulation


Understanding how plant steroid hormones Brassinosteroids (BRs) regulate plant growth and development

Understanding how proteins and nucleic acids achieve their functional three-dimensional structures

Use genetics and molecular tools to study mechanisms that control the development of key agronomic traits

Using systems integration of large-scale omics approaches to explore how auxin signaling modules control diverse developmental processes in Arabidopsis

Vascular Morphogenesis

Vector Biology and Public Health

virus-host interactions

Wildlife and Aquatic Systems

Zebrafish Developmental Genetics