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F22 - Workshop GENET 591


The Interdepartmental Genetics and Genomics (IGG) program sponsors a workshop series each fall of 3 to 4 invited outside speakers centered around a specific topic. The topic may either be on recent "hot" genetics research, topics that bring speakers that support present research at Iowa State or on areas of genetics that are not a research focus at Iowa State University. Having speakers present research on topics that are not focused on at Iowa State provides graduate students with greater breath of instruction and opportunity.

The IGG Workshop is also a graduate class at Iowa State (GENET 591). ISU Genetics faculty present papers to members of the class that are selected by the invited speaker. These papers either represent the speaker's research or present background on the speaker's forthcoming presentation. The speaker will also interact with a small group of students enrolled in the workshop class. This talk may be on the workshop topic or any subject that the speaker deems of interest. The Interdepartmental Genetics program provides refreshments during the small group presentation to the speaker and the students.

Student Instructors:  Swathy Krishna and Brian Zebosi

    Instructor:  Josh Beck