Program of Study (POSC) Checklist


The Program of Study and Committee form (found in ACCESS PLUS) should reflect all courses you are planning to take to meet the course requirements for an M.S. or Ph.D. in Genetics and Genomics.

POSC WORKSHEET for Course Discussion with your committee. Coursework to complete your degree MUST be discussed with all of your committee members PRIOR to submitting a POSC on-line in ACCESS PLUS

Use the comments section on the POSC to indicate information on why a prerequisite, core, or support course is not listed on your POSC.

The Major Professor, committee members, and Chair of the program will likely reject the POSC if all required coursework is not listed or if there is not a satisfactory explanation for why the coursework is not listed.

Five committee members (total) are required for a Ph.D. POS committee and three committee members (total) are required for an M.S. degree. You are required to designate one of your committee members as outside. The outside person is whomever you decide is the outside person. It is not dependent upon department or major.

The POSC is required by the end of the first year in your permanent lab. It is HIGHLY recommended that M.S. students complete the POSC at the beginning of their 2nd semester to avoid additional time needed to complete their degree since some support courses are required more than once and are only offered once per year. It is important to meet with all of your committee members prior to submitting the POSC.

Prerequisites (both MS and Ph.D.)

  • BBMB 404 or comparable
  • STAT 401 or comparable
  • If using comparable, students should indicate in the Comments Section of the POSC how they have met these requirements. Examples: BBMB 404 Testout Orientation 2016; STAT 401 equivalent taken at "U of Illinois" approved by program Fall 2016.

Core Courses (both MS and Ph.D.)

  • GDCB 510
  • GDCB 511
  • One of these courses that meets the Genomics, Bioinformatics and Statistical Genetics core should be listed.
    • AnSCi 556, BCB 544, Stat 416, Stat 516, BCB 567, BCB 568, BCB 569, BCB 570, EEOB 561, COM S 549, COM S 550, COM S 551, GDCB 576X or EEOB/BCB 546X.
  • One of these courses that meets the Evolution, Population and Quantitative Genetics core should be listed.
    • EEOB 540, AnSCI/Agron 561, EEOB 562, EEOB 563, EEOB 566, EEOB 567, GDCB 536


  • If your committee has approved other recently taken graduate level coursework at other institutions as meeting any of the core courses, please indicate this course/institution/grade in the comments section.
  • A "B" or better is required for core courses. The course must be retaken if the grade is less than "B".
  • Overage courses (7 years): If your committee believes that you are up-to-date knowledge-wise with what is being taught in a course you took over 7 years ago, you can remove the course from your POSC and put the information about that course (number/grade/when taken) in the comments section.
  • If you are taking more than three (3) 400 level courses to meet requirements, please indicate the additional coursework in the comments section along with semester taken and grade received.

Required Support Courses

  • GRST 565
  • GENET 539; OR Option--approved activities (2 for Ph.D.; 1 for M.S.)
    • If using the approved activity option, students should indicate in the Comment Section of the POSC detailed information the approved activities that they believe meets this requirement. Example: Completed 2013 Legally Poisoned: How Law Puts Us at Risk
  • GENET 690
  • GENET 690
  • GENET 690 (take three times for Ph.D., 1 time for M.S.)
  • GENET 691
  • GENET 691 (twice, both MS and Ph.D.)
  • GENET 692
  • GENET 591
  • GENET 591 (take twice for Ph.D. and 1 time for M.S.)

Total of 72 credits; can include research GENET 699 and research rotations GENET 697 for a Ph.D. degree.

Total of 32 credits; can include research GENET 699 and research rotations GENET 697 for a M.S. degree.

If you need to indicate any POSC committee approved substitutions, please indicate these in the comments section.