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Future Students

Interested in Genetics and Genomics Graduate Study?

If you're looking for an exciting learning environment where agronomists, animal scientists, biologists, horticulturists, microbiologists and pathologists work collaboratively to tackle challenging biological questions....... Genetics and Genomics at Iowa State University is where you want to be!Laura Tibbs-Cortes - Fall 2022 graduate

Iowa State Offers:

  • Master's and PhD degree programs in Genetics and Genomics
  • Specialized courses for cross-disciplinary training
  • State-of-the-art facilities for genetics and genomics research
  • a diverse and enthusiastic faculty

Genetics and Genomics Information

Undergraduate Preparation

Undergraduates wishing to prepare for graduate study in Genetics and Genomics should elect courses in basic biology, chemistry at least through organic chemistry, one year of college-level physics, mathematics at least through calculus, at least one thorough course in basic transmission and molecular genetics, one semester of upper level statistics and one semester of upper level biochemistry. Incoming students who have not completed an upper level statistics course and an upper level biochemistry course prior to beginning in the program will take STAT 587 Statistical Methods for Research Workers and BBMB 404 Biochemistry I during their first year of graduate training. A waiver may be requested for these courses by providing appropriate documentation (catalog description and syllabus) to the curriculum committee showing completion of an upper level statistics and upper level biochemistry course equivalent to STAT 587 Statistical Methods for Research Workers and BBMB 404 Biochemistry I.

  • See information on a bachelor of science degree in Genetics.
  • All Ph.D. candidates take a core curriculum comprising of courses from four categories and attend seminars and workshops as described on the POSC progress form
  • GENET Course Information - Iowa State University Courses and Programs

Graduate College Information

Iowa State University Information


updated 9/30/2020