Deadlines, Assistantships, Diversity Commitment, Recommended GRE, TOEFL, and GPAs and our Admission Process


DEADLINE for the best opportunities for funding apply by February 1 prior to the following fall or spring. To be considered for admission all applicants must formally apply.

We will recruit 10 to 15 new students each fall, depending upon funding resources.

To decide if our lab-based graduate training program is the best for you, take a look at our faculty directory and at graduate coursework required to complete your degree. On average it takes 5.5 years to complete a Ph.D. and 2.5 years to complete an M.S. in our program.

ASSISTANTSHIPS begin at $2,100 per month. Rotation Stipends are $2,100 per month for about 9 months. Rotation students work in three different laboratories during the fall and spring semesters prior to deciding on a major professor and research project.

Students on assistantships receive a TUITION SCHOLARSHIP: 100% for Ph.D. and 50% for M.S. (assessed at in-state rates). Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA during graduate training to receive the tuition scholarship.

Students on assistantships receive PAID SINGLE HEALTH INSURANCE.

Multiple year Fellowships available but competitively awarded-both domestic and international students eligible.

We recruit domestic and international applicants.

We consider the complete application for admission, so it is hard for us to tell you what your chances are without your complete application being reviewed by our admissions committee.

ROTATION STUDENTS will work in three different laboratories during the fall and spring semesters prior to deciding on a major professor and research project. The program will provide your assistantship, tuition, and health insurance during this period of time.   After a laboratory is selected, the faculty member will be responsible for your financial support.

2020 Visit weekend: TBD

2019 Visit Weekend--February 14-16. Students arrive on Thursday, February 14, interview with faculty on Friday, February 15, and return home on Saturday, February 16. On Friday, prospective students will meet one-on-one with a select group of faculty and join genetics and genomics graduate students for lunch. Prospective students will participate in group activities with other life science students being recruited that will include a panel, supper, social, and housing information for Ames. On Saturday morning, a tour of Ames and campus is possible, if your travel schedule allows.

The Genetics Graduate Program is COMMITTED TO RECRUITING A DIVERSE STUDENT BODY that enriches the educational experience of our students and their ability to work within the larger scientific community, including students from different racial, ethnic, socio-economic and nationality backgrounds, gender and, sexual orientation.

Iowa State University is a diverse community of people of all genders, ages, cultures, races, religions, sexual orientations, socio-economic backgrounds and abilities. Iowa State celebrates and advances diversity by creating a safe place in which people can express themselves freely and share their unique talents. Diversity encompasses acceptance and respect by fostering an environment of inclusion that moves beyond simple tolerance to recognizing the richness in individual identities of people.

Appropriate course preparation and research experience are essential.

  • For GRE/TOEFL coding Iowa State University is 6306 and Genetics is 0210.

GREs, TOEFLS and GPAs: We do not have minimum GRE scores. We appreciate scores around Verbal 155; quant 160; Analytical 4.0, but we do not restrict admission to these specific scores. We look for TOEFL scores around 600/250/100. We appreciate GPAs around or better than 3.4. Students who apply and are admitted into the program whose undergraduate GPA is less than 3.0 will be admitted as restricted. This means that you would receive a stipend and health insurance, but NOT a tuition scholarship UNTIL you have completed 9 credits of graded graduate classroom coursework. An overall GPA of 3.0 is required during graduate training.

For details regarding applying to the program click here.